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My desired lifestyle = LIFE BALANCE + HEALTHY LIVING + following a PASSION

The LAB Report (blog)

MENArt: Highlights of Dubai’s art scene (Part I)

Under the “Art Week” umbrella, Dubai recently hosted an explosion of contemporary art events, marking the most dynamic time in the UAE’s cultural calendar. Given that my favourite pastime is frequenting art fairs in Europe, I was curious to see how a major contemporary art event would be in Dubai considering the heavy censorship of this region. How can art be freely displayed in an un-democratic environment? Won’t the art be compromised if the creators cannot truly express themselves?

The Work Bench

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The Mad Scientist

My name is Holly and I’m a mother and creative at heart. Over the past twelve years, I’ve lived in five countries and traveled to dozens more. My experiences with other societies have given me a lot of food for thought on lifestyle design. I’m constantly challenging myself on these aspects and I’d love to hear your perspective!


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